A very important messege!! Please read!!  

Tuesday, June 11, 2013 8:32:59 AM

Yesterday I found out that a guy, I knew thru YouTube committed suicide.. a year ago...

His name was Nathan Wills, he was making music for youtubers.. I never met him in person, but we used to chat on Skype.. He helped me out when I was just starting with Cubase, he supported me when I uploaded my first videos.. AND HE IS GONE...  I'm crying..

We didn't talk as much the last couple years, but I remember about a year ago he sent me a message on skype just asking how I was doing and if I'm still making music... I quickly responded to that and I think I didn't even ask him how he was doing...  What if that was the day? What if I talked to him more? What if..... I'm not blaming myself, but these thoughts just don't leave my head..

What I wanted to say is this:

He had 20 000 subscribers, hundreds of friends on twitter, facebook and so on... and there was nobody, NOBODY beside him to see the problem and help him!!!! This is just devastating!!!! I'm crying...

Facebook is evil!! And this is a huge irony that i need it to deliver this message!! It looks like it connects people, we have so many Facebook friends,  even the ones who far away from us... they generously click like buttons and it looks like we are connected. BUT IT"S NOT HOW IT IS!!! You can not see into someone's heart thru the Internet!! You can not see the problem and you can not help a person thru Facebook!! It looks like Nathan didn't even have someone to talk to... having so many imaginary friends...

We should pay more attention to people that we love! We should spend more time with them, i mean for real, not in a chat! You never know for how much longer they will stay here. We don't know how much time WE have left..

This is his last vlog, he looks so happy, he enjoyed the rain, the trees, the water, the sun... All I can say is WOW!! He is so inspiring!! I feel like running outside to lay on the grass looking up in the sky, feel like jumping on the bike and going no matter where.. Seriously, he is inspiring!

I just DONT UNDERSTAND IT!!! He looks so happy!! Did he enjoy everything around him because he knew he was about to leave?

You don't need an excuse of near death to enjoy life!!! Live it now!! You never know what's gonna happen tomorrow...


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